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"Which Brand Do Consumers Aged 50+ Trust Most and Why?"

New OLDER ADULT VOICES primary consumer research by Morning Light Strategy uncovers which brand(s) people aged 50+ truly trust and why.

The results are in, and Apple emerges as the #1 top-of-mind trusted brand among both consumers under the age of 50 AND those aged 50+.

Close up of Apple watch on person's wrist

Apple: The #1 top-of-mind trusted brand

Among both younger and older consumers, tech/electronics brands were among the most top-of-mind trusted brands. Apple is the most salient (top-of-mind) trusted brand for consumers both under and over the age of 50.

Key Trust Factors Include:

Quality & Consistency

Across both younger and older consumers, Apple is perceived as a brand that consistently delivers high quality-products.

"Apple. I trust them because they provide consistent quality."

Female, Age 65

"Apple. They make good solid products. They work the way they say they are going to work. No surprises."

                     Male, Age 59

Longevity, Familiarity & Experience

Across both younger and older consumers, Apple is a brand that they have used for a long time and are familiar with through personal experience.

"I trust Apple because they make all the products that make my life a little better. I love my iPhone and Apple Watch, and I use my Mac every day."

                     Male, Age 50

"Apple - Great company and products."

                     Male, Age 66

Safety & Social Responsibility

Among consumers aged 50+, Apple is recognized as a brand that provides security/safety in its products, as well as a brand that is socially and environmentally responsible.

"Apple. For security."

                     Male, Age 73

"Apple. Keeps us safe."

                     Female, Age 51

"Apple. They work at being socially and environmentally responsible."

                     Male, Age 54

What does this mean for your marketing & innovation?

  • Tech-savviness: Don't underestimate the tech-savviness of Older Adults. The older generations are not only embracing technology, but integrating it into their daily lives, from health tracking to staying connected.

  • Bridging Generations: Ditch the myths that technology is only for the young, and that if a brand is popular among older consumers, younger consumers won't want it.

  • Value of Inclusive Design: This learning highlights the importance of designing products that are accessible and user-friendly for all age groups. Features like larger text options, voice commands, and easy-to-navigate interfaces can benefit many people, regardless of age.

By listening to the Voice of the Older Adult, we can help you create better products and services that resonate with everyone.

The future is old. Are you ready?

Click here to get started.

Research Methodology:  Online survey conducted May 15, 2024 among a nationally representative sample of N = 200 US Adults aged 18+, balanced to US Census on gender, age, and race/ethnicity (N = 99 Aged 18-49; N = 101 Aged 50+). 

About:  Morning Light Strategy is an insights & advisory agency on a mission to help brands and organizations plan and position for the global shift toward an older demographic. We help our clients make the strategic business, marketing and innovation decisions that will accelerate their growth among 50+ consumers and their caregivers.  To learn more, visit:


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