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A Morning Light Strategy Report

Brand Trust Among 50+

US: Insights & Implications

Published: June, 2024

Which brands do Older Adults in the US really trust? Our latest research unveils some eye-opening insights into the trusted brands of people aged 50+. Out of the 148 unique top-of-mind brands trusted most by this demographic, not a single one of them falls into categories traditionally aimed at Older Adults.

Learn which brands and categories are most salient and trusted among 50+ consumers, what are the drivers of brand trust for these consumers, how their trusted brands and trust drivers compare to those of consumers under the age of 50, and what are the implications for marketing to Older Adults.

Brand Trust Among 50+

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Key Takeaways Include:

Brand Trust Among 50+ Report Cover Page

1 / Core brand trust factors, including quality, consistency, longevity and familiarity, are not unique to older consumers.

2 / Adults aged 50+ are not a monolithic group; they have a wide range of preferences, interests, lifestyles and brand associations.

3 / There's more to their lives than age; not a single top of mind trusted brand was related to categories traditionally targeted toward older adults, nor were any of the reasons for trusted brands related specifically to age or life stage.

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