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The future is old.

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Learn about the market opportunity among 50+ consumers, what barriers exist today, where the white space opportunities are, and how to succeed among these valuable consumers.

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The future is old.

We can help you make the strategic business, marketing & innovation decisions that will accelerate your growth among 50+ consumers and their caregivers.

Our Strategic Insight & Advisory Services are grounded in the belief that the strategic path to future success for any organization is found at the intersection of understanding, innovating for, and communicating with Older Adults and their caregivers.

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Growth Framework

Our proprietary framework based on 3 strategic pillars to accelerate growth among older adults.

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Build your strategic foundation for the future with organizational alignment based on consumer intelligence about people aged 50+ and their caregivers.

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The future is old.

An insights & advisory agency on a mission to help brands and organizations plan and position for the global shift toward an older demographic.

“I love working with Morning Light Strategy.  Dana and Nicole are knowledgeable, reliable partners I can count on to deliver insightful learning.  Their reports have hit the mark the first time, providing guidance with an excellent synthesis of the data"

Connie Mattox, Partner & President - Personal Care Solutions, LLC

Our Team

Experts in human understanding

As market research industry veterans, we are dedicated to delivering strategic insights that bring people aged 50+ into marketing, strategy and innovation decisions.

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Ensuring a successful product launch

A case study in Pre-Launch User Testing

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The future is old.  
Are you ready?

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Morning Light Strategy is a participant in AgeTech Collaborative ™ from AARP®

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