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Our Approach

We approach every engagement through a bespoke lens to provide tailored solutions to your specific business needs.  Our flexible mindset ensures we carefully craft the right approach to answer your challenge.

We measure success based on strategic insight and business impact, not the research method


We engage a network of statisticians, qualitative and ethnographic specialists, and longevity/aging experts.

We use a blend of qualitative and quantitative research methods to uncover the needs, attitudes, emotions and behaviors of older adults and their caregivers.

Bringing the best thinking to every challenge

How we do it

Our Methods include:

  • Quantitative survey (digital, mail, phone, mixed method)

  • In-depth interviews (in-person or digital)

  • Focus groups (in-person or digital)

  • Ethnography/In-situ observation

  • Communities

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Morning Light Strategy is a participant in AgeTech Collaborative ™ from AARP®

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