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The Future is Old

With a combined 40+ years working with Fortune 500 companies as specialists in marketing strategy and new product development, Morning Light Strategy founders Dana Keilman and Nicole Munsey know that most products and services are still developed for - and most research is conducted among - people younger than 50.


However, if your brand is only focusing on Millennials and Gen Z, then you're missing out on the largest, fastest-growing, & most valuable consumer demographic: The 50+ consumer.

As we become caregivers to aging parents, many of us are gaining new perspective into the startling depth of unmet needs in this space.  Focusing solely on younger adults is a glaring deficiency in companies' strategic planning and innovation.  Our goal is to bring the right people into the development of stronger products and services that will benefit not only older adults but also our clients

Dana Keilman, CEO & Co-Founder

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Our mission is to help brands and organizations plan and position for the global shift toward an older demographic by delivering strategic insights that bring people aged 50+ and their caregivers into marketing, strategy and innovation decisions.


To amplify the voice of the aging population in strategic planning and innovation

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