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Our Work

Some examples of how we have helped our clients shape their innovation and go-to-market strategy using inputs from buyers and users.

Pre-Launch User Testing


Personal Hygiene: Ensuring a successful product launch

Based on in-situ user testing, we uncovered opportunities for product performance improvements in order to better deliver against key competitors.   We also identified the key marketing messages that would communicate product relevance and help the new launch stand out from competition.

Brand Tracking

Senior Living: Measuring the strength of an ad campaign

Following a re-brand and updated advertising campaign, we measured awareness and perceptions of a senior living community among prospective residents.  Our analysis not only showed that awareness had increased, but that the brand equity and consideration had also improved.


Segmentation + Optimization +

Comms Development


Fitness Tech: Designing a new product

Using a multi-phase process, we first identified the target audience for the new idea.  Then, working with the target, we determined the right mix of features and capabilities to drive interest.  Finally, we unlocked the right way to talk about the disruptive new product to motivate consumer adoption.

Brand Positioning + Concept Screening + Pack Testing + User Testing

Consumer Products: Building the go-to-market strategy

Using an iterative test & learn process, we identified the winning product formula, product & pack design, and brand positioning that allowed our client's product to be adapted and successfully launched into the Chinese market.


Our Solutions

We help AgeTech, senior living, and other senior-focused organizations better develop and market products and services by more deeply understanding the needs, wants and opinions of older adults and their caregivers

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