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A Morning Light Strategy Presentation

The NextGen Consumer

Why the Senior Consumer is the Shiny New Thing

Published: April, 2024

The future is old. If your brand is only focusing on Millennials and Gen Z, then you're missing out on the largest, fastest growing, and most valuable consumer demographic: the 50+ consumer.

Learn about the market opportunity among 50+ consumers, what barriers exist today, where the white space opportunities are, and how to succeed among these valuable consumers.

The NextGen Consumer

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Key Takeaways Include:

The NextGen Consumer Report Cover Page

1 / Brands that don't invest now in reaching this target risk losing sales to those who do recognize the value of the 50+ consumer. 

2 / Biases and misperceptions are getting in the way of meeting the evolving needs of aging consumers.

3 / There is significant upside and white space across categories - and less competition for those who move quickly.

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