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Just how BIG is 120 million people? That's the size of the US 50+ population.

The magic number is 120 million. That's the size of the 50+ population in the US alone. Just how BIG is that? And what opportunities is your brand missing out on if you're not listening to the voice of this huge market?

If the US 50+ population were a country, it would be the 13th largest country in the world.

Chart comparing population of US 50+ to a selection of countries
Source: United Nations, 2023


  • Almost as big as the entire populations of Mexico and Japan

  • Roughly 1/3 bigger than the entire population of Germany

  • Almost 2x the size of the United Kingdom

  • More than twice the size of South Africa or South Korea

  • And roughly 3 times the size of Spain, Argentina or Canada

So, if your brand is listening to the voice of consumers in these countries, why isn't your brand listening to the voice of the 50+ consumer?

We can help.

About:  Morning Light Strategy is an insights-based strategic consultancy that helps AgeTech, Senior Living, and other senior-focused organizations better develop and market products and services by more deeply understanding the needs, wants and opinions of 50+ adults and their caregivers.  To learn more, visit:


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