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Accelerate Your Growth in the 50+ Market

How We Do It


We combine the voices of people aged 50+ and their caregivers with our consumer research, strategy & analytical capabilities, supported by the expert knowledge of our executive-level founders and network partners.


By bringing the best thinking to every challenge.

Insight & Strategy

  • Qualitative and quantitative research among relevant populations engaged in the decision journey

  • Client service, consultative support & strategic analysis delivered by senior-level experts in marketing strategy, innovation development, and consumer insights

  • Supported by a relevant network of longevity/aging thought leaders, agency partners, statisticians and research specialists

Our Process

We approach every engagement through a bespoke lens to provide tailored solutions to your specific business needs.  Our flexible mindset ensures we carefully craft the right approach to answer your challenge.

Our Methods include:

  • Quantitative survey (digital, mail, phone, mixed method)

  • In-depth interviews (in-person or digital)

  • Focus groups (in-person or digital)

  • Ethnography/Immersion

  • Product testing

  • Communities

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Morning Light Strategy is a participant in AgeTech Collaborative ™ from AARP®

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Accelerate your Growth in the 50+ Market

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